Our mission:

“To promote SORBA-Chattanooga, Chattanooga area trails, and Chattanooga as a mountain biking and vacation destination through race participation, race promotion, and other events.”

That’s a fancy way of saying that we’re going to put on and participate in a ton of awesome events, ride our bikes and drink a bunch of beer afterwards. No need to take ourselves too seriously after all.

About Us:

Team SORBA Chattanooga is a sub-organization of SORBA Chattanooga. Our goals are the same, we just go about it another way. Team SORBA Chattanooga was created as the fundraising, marketing, and event wing of SORBA Chattanooga and as a way to attract additional members. We're not a race team in the typical sense, some of our members don't race at all. We're a community of misfits and rejects brought together by our love of all things mountain biking. We promote and participate in races, build and maintain trail, fund raise, worship the altar of dirt riding, and get together just to hang out. Team SORBA Chattanooga is a group of friends that happen to ride mountain bikes; plain and simple.

Join Us:

About this time you’re wondering, “So what do you want from me?” Simply put; we want YOU!!! If you’re a veteran racer tired of dealing with all those darn roadies and looking for a change of scene; we want you!!! If you’re greener then an award winning retirees lawn, but wanting test your mettle against other riders; WE want YOU!!! If you don’t give a lick about racing and would just as soon heckle those lycra-wearing weenies; WE WANT YOU!!! Does this sound like your kind of deal??? Click the picture to the right or the THIS LINK to contact our Team President and learn the super secret handshake.